Personal coaching tailored to you and your family’s needs

Foster peaceful & meaningful family relationships

Would you like to:

  • Help steer your teens in the right direction while building strong, loving relationships?
  • Empower your teens to navigate the challenges of the modern world, like technology and peer pressure?
  • Build your confidence and parenting skills in the areas most critical to you?

That's where 1:1 coaching comes in

Hi, I'm Rabbi Yaakov Lieder.

For over 40 years, I’ve been coaching and educating parents on how to bring out the best in their kids and teens, while maintaining a harmonious family environment. 

Today’s generation of teenagers are faced with unprecedented challenges, and are often going through things we, the previous generation (their parents) can’t even comprehend. Through my years of experience as a principal and as a father of 14 children, I have found a way to effectively communicate and teach families how to resolve conflict and how to connect on a deeper level. 

Through the teachings of the Rebbe with His core value of tremendous Ahavas Yisroel and love, we aim to transform families, affect the generations to come and leave a legacy of peace, love and shared values. I have Boruch Hashem been able to help countless families throughout the years and I’d love to help you too. 

I invite you to partake in our online coaching program, read our book, enjoy our free resources below or take advantage of a free consulting session to get started today. I look forward to meeting you. 


Our 1:1 coaching program guides you through a highly customised, proven process, with an expert coach to support you & keep you accountable for achieving your parenting. The program includes:

  • Immediately practical skills for effective parent communication - even around sensitive issues.
  • The right mindset to help you stay centred and balanced as you manage the challenges of patenting
  • Strategies and tools for navigating difficult topics like peer pressure, sibling rivalry and technology.

How does it work?

Step 1: Free coaching session

Access a free 30 min (no-obligation) coaching session to assess your current situation, provide practical advice and determine a plan for where to focus your energies to achieve your parenting goals. If you haven’t done this yet, access it below.

Step 2: Your custom coaching program

Based on your situation, we then design a custom coaching program targeted to your specific issues and objectives.

Step 3: Commence your coaching

We’ll commence our coaching sessions via online meeting technology, so you can participate from wherever you are. All you’ll need is a computer with a camera, a mic and a decent internet connection. In each meeting, we’ll introduce a new element of the program and begin its application. Between meetings, you’ll complete a 2-3 hour task to apply it to your life – and you’ll have access to me via email for any questions.

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Tailored 1:1 coaching based on Torah principles and your own family dynamic provides practical tools that can be immediately implemented to create real change.