14 Kids, No Theories!

14 Kids No Theories! is a collection of 138 short articles containing practical advice for improving parenting and relationships.

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You can trust me

In one of my workshops we were discussing the importance of
trust in relationships, especially between parents and children.

Love your child’s parent

If you really love your child and would do anything for him, one of
the best things you can do to make him happy is to love his

The seven-day positive diet

As parents we want to make sure that we create positive
responses in the minds of our children.

In this book, you will...

Learn how to raise happy children

Master the art of bringing up positive children in a positive home.

Improve your communication skills

Gain the skills needed to communicate effectively with your family.

Feel better about yourself as a parent

Feel comforted knowing that you are being the best parent you can be for your children.

Become an award-winning spouse

Gain access to a range of practical tips on how to bring out the best in yourself and your partner.


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14 Kids, No Theories!

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